ReRe Falls

Spend the day at ReRe and absorbe your self in what the riverside has to offer. The ReRe Rockslide, Falls and Champagne falls are all with 3 kilometres of each other. The Falls and Rock slide both have ample parking and public toilets and the area is suitably looked after by the Gisborne Council

ReRe Rockslide – is a 60 metre long natural water slide made out of rock in the river with a constant flow of water over it. Take your boogie board or other water sliding device and soar down to the pool at the bottom. A perfect summers day activity for the kids or even the adventurous adrenaline junky dad.

ReRe Falls – is the perfect back drop for any picnic. Enjoy the natural surroundings of the falls and the surrounding wildlife such as Dragonflies, ducks and the ocasional sheep or goat that me be wondering around for a drink of water. But it doesn’t stop there, take your inflatable ring and walk behind the water fall and slide down its weedy sloping rocks or take a dinghy and row to the middle and look down at the large eels which are always lurking below.

Champagn Falls – Drive past the rockslide, to the bridge and another 300 metres on your left you’ll find this hidden little swimming hole. The champagne fall is a circular rocky hole where the main falls divide and fills into to create a bubbling fizzy pool just like champagne like a cold outdoor spa. Be prepared to do a little bit of climbing down from the roadside but well worth it for your own private natural pool and spa.

How To Find the Falls

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